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If you feel called to work with me individually, please use the form below so we can connect fully. Let me know what condition(s) you're looking to balance and if you want to connect with a 15 min phone call or move right into scheduling your Initial Consultation. If you're not ready to dive into one-on-one work, take a look at my group and self-guided programs on 
the "Work with Jewel" tab of this website.

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*Please note that an Ayurvedic practitioner works with each client individually to help them balance their unique constitution. As a holistic system of medicine, the practitioner takes into account the whole person, not simply their health condition(s). Knowing this, it becomes unethical to offer individual advice based only on a health condition, without full knowledge of the whole person. To connect on a specific condition, please look into my health coaching. For general seasonal practices, see my group and self-guided programs, as well as the Freebies section of this website.

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